Kimo Viklund

Kimo Viklund Kimo Viklund was born on April 8, 1952 in Norrköping, Sweden. He now lives in Söderköping together with his wife Annika and his two sons. Previously he worked as a superintendent at Breviks Kurs- och Lägergård, and is now working as chief accountant at Östra Ryds pastorat in Söderköping.

Kimo has studied the piano for 8 years. Besides that, he is a self-taught guitarist and can also play electric bass. Over the years he has tried his hand at various musical styles (from "dads' band" a là Mora Träsk in kindergarten to rock'n roll with repertoire including the music of "Status Quo"). He has always been a big fan of "The Beatles".

His interest in ragtime was awakened by the epic movie "The Sting", but it wasn't until many years later that he wrote his only rag. His wife, Annika, was a classmate with Kjell Waltman, whom Kimo met in 1988 at Annika's class meeting. Kimo's meeting with Bob Darch has certainly contributed to his growing interest in ragtime. Kimo became so fascinated by the syncopated rhythms that he wrote "Ramunder Rag". His rag has also been arranged for brass sextet and has been performed by a brass band at Medevi Brunn.

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