Christoph Schmetterer

Christoph Schmetterer Christoph Schmetterer was born in Vienna, Austria on May 22, 1978. He started to play cello in 1986, and piano in 1998, and has been composing since then. In the summer of 2000 he started to play valve trombone and viola da gamba. He has taken two master's degrees, in history and politics (2001), and in law (2002).

He started to compose his own pieces because the music he wanted to play on the piano was too difficult for him. So he had to write his own "easy" pieces. Christoph's first works were more experimental to their nature, rather than real compositions (since he didn't have much knowledge in the field of musical theory), but after a year of learning by doing (and reading theoretical books) the quality of his pieces improved. The majority of his compositions (more than 120 works) are rags, but he writes waltzes, marches and more classical pieces too. He has also composed some sacred music (e.g. a little mass for mixed choir). Most of Christoph's works are piano compositions, but he loves to arrange them for small orchestra or chamber music groups. His favourite composers are Scott Joplin and Johann Strauss.

Christoph plays cello in a symphony orchestra, and trombone in a wind band. Every Sunday he plays organ for the mass in a very small village near Vienna. His interests include history (legal, constitutional, diplomatic, Austrian and American history, especially 19th century), politics and dancing.

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