Jack Rummel

Jack Rummel Jack Thomas Rummel was born on August 17, 1939, in Tacoma, Washington State. He took his early lessons from the obligatory neighbourhood children's piano teacher and later studied the rudiments of popular musical stylings from a local Tacoma bandleader. He became aware of ragtime in the 1950s due to some early 45 rpm records by Joe "Fingers" Carr and Crazy Otto, but didn't pursue its serious study until the 1970s when he was awakened to the classic rags of Scott Joplin and others through the recordings of Joshua Rifkin and Max Morath. Since then he has embraced ragtime as an avocation, starting with a folio and record collecting, composition beginning in 1979, hosting a weekly radio program since 1980, writing articles and reviews for ragtime publications and performing at various festivals. An album containing his earlier works has been released on the Stomp Off label ("Back to Ragtime", SOS 1118). An amateur musician, he has practiced dentistry in Boulder, Colorado since 1968.

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