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The Flowers

You can get this CD from Tower Records, 1-800-648-4844.
Traditional Patterns - The Music Of Donald Ashwander
Sharon Moore (vocal)
Tom Bogdan (vocal)
Harry Huff (piano)
Donald Ashwander (piano)
Catalog Number
PRCD 1038
Premier Recordings
P.O. Box 1214
Gracie Station, New York
NY 10028-0008, USA
Year Released


All Numbers Performed by the Composer Unless Otherwise Indicated;
Lyrics by the Composer Unless Otherwise Noted.

  1. Request
    [RealAudio, 191K]
  2. She Laughed At Him (Moore/Ashwander)
  3. Saratoga Rag
  4. Sunday Night, Manhattan

    Three Unrepentant Ladies

  5. Betty, The Belle Of Baytown
  6. Thelma (Bogdan/Huff)
  7. Peggy, The Pearl Of Pensacola (Moore/Ashwander)
  8. Turkey And Myrtle, Rilla And Paul (Moore/Ashwander)
  9. October
  10. Old Streets
  11. Phases Of The Moon (Poem by Elinore Wylie) (Bogdan/Huff)
  12. The Locust (Poem by Eugene Walter) (Bogdan/Huff)
  13. Summer Garden
  14. The Garden At Night
  15. Bar (Moore/Ashwander)

    Traditional Patterns

  16. Dove In The Window
  17. Crow Tracks
  18. Road To California
  19. Drunkard's Path
  20. Sunshine And Shadow
  21. Pine Tree
  22. Goose In The Pond
  23. Moonflower Vine
  24. Chili Billy (Moore/Ashwander)
  25. We Danced

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