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101 Rare Rags
American Ragtime Company
Richard Zimmerman
12157 Paisley Dr.
Loves Park, Illinois 61111
(815) 885-4149

African Hunter, The - Characteristic Jungle (Edwin F. Kendall)
Aggravation Rag (George L. Cobb)
Ain't I Lucky? - Two Step (Bess E. Rudisill)
Alagazam! - Cake Walk, March and Two Step (Abe Holzmann)
All The Time Kid - A Rag Jag Two Step (E. Derville)
Always Together [Siempre Juntos] - Two Step (Benjamin Binstok)
Anoma (Ford Dabney)
Apple Jack - Some Rag (Charles L. Johnson)
April Fool Rag (Jean Schwartz)
Bachelors Button - Ragtime Intermezzo (W.C. Powell)
Beedle-Um-Bo - Slow Drag (Charles L. Johnson as Raymond Birch)
Black Canary (Harry Austin Tierney)
Borneo Rag - An Oriental Pastime (Neil Moret)
Bull Dog Rag (Geraldine Dobyns)
Bully - Rag Two Step (James E. C. Kelly)
The "Bunny Hug" Rag (Harry De Costa)
Cheese and Crackers - A New Rag (Denney, Homer)
Chilli - Billi-Bee Rag (Lewis F. Muir)
Chinatown Rag, The (Meyer, George W. Meyer)
Cloud Kisser (Charles L. Johnson as Raymond Birch)
Clover Blossom Rag (Bud Manchester)
A Coon Band Contest - Cake Walk and Two Step (Arthur Pryor)
Coontown Chimes - Le Cake Walk (Harry S. Webster)
Cotton Time - March & Two Step (Charles N. Daniels)
Crab Apples - Rag Two Step (Percy Wenrich)
Crimson Rambler (Harry Austin Tierney)
The Cutter - A Classy Rag (Elma Ney McClure)
The Darkey Todalo - A Raggedy Rag (Joe Jordan)
Diablo Rag, The - A Rag Fantasie (Dorothy Ingersol Wahl)
Dingle Pop Hop (Harry Austin Tierney)
Dixie Blossoms (Percy Wenrich)
Down Home Rag (Wilber C.S. Sweatman)
Eatin' Chocolates (T. Fred Henry)
The Fanatic Rag (Harry Austin Tierney)
Fleur De Lis (Harry Austin Tierney)
Floating Along - Romanza Two Step (Edward Buffington)
The Flyer (Frieda Aufderheide)
Frigid Frolics (Alvin L. Marx)
Frozen Bill (Arthur Pryor)
Funny Bones (C.L. Woolsey)
The Georgia Rag (Albert Gumble)
Glad Rag (Ribe Danmark as J.B. Lampe)
Haytian Rag (Ford Dabney)
Hinges - The Rag with the Swing (Teddy Hahn)
Honeysuckle Rag (George Botsford)
Hot Cabbage - A Rag Two Step (Homer Denney)
Hyacinth (George Botsford)
Invitation Rag (Les Copeland)
Jack Frost - Ragtime Two Step (Archie W. Scheu)
Joy Rag - Two Step (Jay Roberts)
Kalamity Kid (Ferd Guttenberger)
Kerry Mills Rag Time Dance (Kerry Mills)
King Of Rags - Oddity (Sherman Swisher)
Louisiana Rag (Leon Block)
Lovey Dovey (George Botsford)
Mama, Make Cinda 'Haive Herself - Rag Medley (Sol Tibbs)
The Memphis Blues [or Mister Crump] (W.C. Handy)
Midnight Rag (Gus Winkler)
Monograms - Rag Two Step (Homer Denney)
Novelty Rag (May Frances Aufderheide)
Oh! You Angel (Ford Dabney)
Oh! You Devil (Ford Dabney)
Old Crow Rag (George Botsford)
On Emancipation Day - March and Two Step (Will Marion Cook)
Panama - A Characteristic Novelty (William H. Tyers)
Pearl of the Harem - Oriental Rag Two Step (Harry P. Guy)
Piccalili Rag (Herbert Ingraham)
Poison Rag (C.L. Woolsey)
Porcupine Rag (Charles L. Johnson)
Pork and Beans (Theron C. Bennett)
Rag Time Chimes (Percy Wenrich)
A Rag-Time Skedaddle - March and Cake Walk (George Rosey)
Red Onion Rag (Abe Olman)
Red Pepper - A Spicy Rag (Henry Lodge)
Rhapsody Rag - Two Step (Budd L. Cross)
Royal Flush (George Botsford)
Rubies and Pearls - A Precious Rag (Harry Austin Tierney)
Satisfied - An Emotional Drag (Theron C. Bennett)
Scandalous Thompson (Charles L. Johnson)
Sky Rockets (Philip Severin)
Smiling Sadie - Two Step (Archie W. Scheu)
Sneaky Shuffles (Henry Lodge)
Some Pumpkins - March and Two Step (Ed Kuhn)
Southern Symphony, A - Opus 7-11 (Percy Wenrich)
Swanee Ripples (Walter E. Blaufuss)
Tango Land - A Novelty Dance (Henry Lodge)
Texas Rag (Callis Welborn Jackson)
Texas Steer (George Botsford)
That Hindu Rag (George L. Cobb)
That Poker Rag (Charlotte Blake)
Tres Moutarde [Too Much Mustard] (Cecil Macklin)
The Trouble Maker (Claude Messenger)
The Turkey Trot - Rag Two Step (Ribe Danmark as J.B. Lampe)
Twinkles - March and Two Step (Charles A. Gish)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harry Austin Tierney)
Variety Rag (Harry Austin Tierney)
Walhalla-Rag Two Step (Paul Pratt)
Water Queen - Two Step or Dip (Homer Denney)
Whirl Wind - A Novelty Rag (J. Russel Robinson)
Whoa! Maud - A Rag Two Step (Will H. Etter)
Wiggle Rag (George Botsford)

24 Piano Rags by Women
(compiled and edited by Nora Hulse)
Nora Hulse
P.O. Box 7104
Columbia, Missouri 54205

Laughing Water (Ida G. Bierman, 1903)
May Irwin's Rag-Time Dance (May Irwin, 1906)
Fontella Rag (Ethyl B. Smith, 1907)
Bull Dog Rag (Geraldine Dobyns, 1908)
Checker (Bulah Arens, 1908)
Diablo Rag (Dorothy Ingersol Wahl, 1908)
The Cutter (Elma Ney McClure, 1909)
Diamonds And Rubies (Nellie Stokes, 1909)
Yankee Kid (Charlotte Blake, 1909)
Wild Flower Rag (Charlotta Williamson, 1910)
Live Wires Rag (Adaline Shepherd, 1910)
The Cabbage Rag (Bertha Stanfield, 1911)
Ripples Rag (Camilla Thiele, 1912)
That Irresistible Rag (Lucy Phillips, 1912)
That Enticing Two-Step (Blanche M. Tice, 1913)
Ragged Terry (Margaret Agnew White, 1913)
Notoriety (Kathryn L. Widmer, 1913)
That Cherry Rag (Edna Chappell Tiff, 1914)
Niagara Rag (Laverne Hanshaw, 1914)
The Kaiser's Rag (Clare Mast, 1915)
The Allen Glide (Louise Allen, 1915)
Mutilation Rag (Zema Randale, 1915)
Mattie's Rags (Mattie C. Thompson, 1916)
Blooie-Blooie (Edythe Baker, 1920)

A Garden of Ragtime
(compositions by Glenn Jenks)
Squanlake Music
P.O. Box 1328
Jackson, New Jersey 08527
Year Published

The Wrong Rag
The Ragtime Hermit Thrush
The Black Preacher
Queen of Violets
The Ragtime Hurricane
Roulette Rag
The Alchemist
Elegiac Rag
Pacific Coast Rag
The Harbour Rag

All American Ragtime, Volume 1
- out of print
Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
Catalog No.
2290 Eastman Avenue #110
Ventura, California 93003
805-339-2999 (phone)
805-339-2994 (fax)

A Breeze from Alabama (Scott Joplin)
The Cascades (Scott Joplin)
Elite Syncopations (Scott Joplin)
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
Eugenia (Scott Joplin)
Felicity Rag (Scott Joplin/Scott Hayden)
Gladiolus Rag (Scott Joplin)
Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
Palm Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
Peacherine Rag (Scott Joplin)
Pine Apple Rag (Scott Joplin)
The Ragtime Dance (Scott Joplin)
School of Ragtime (6 exercises for piano) (Scott Joplin)
Something Doing (Scott Joplin/Scott Hayden)
The Strenuous Life (Scott Joplin)
Sugar Cane (Scott Joplin)
Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin/Scott Hayden)
Swipesy Cake Walk (Scott Joplin/Arthur Marshall)
Weeping Willow (Scott Joplin)
American Beauty Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Bohemia Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Champagne Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Ethiopia Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Excelsior Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Patricia Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Ragtime Nightingale (Joseph Lamb)
Reindeer Rag (Joseph Lamb)
Sensation (Joseph Lamb/arranged by Scott Joplin)
Broadway Rag (James Scott)
Don't Jazz Me Rag (James Scott)
Evergreen Rag (James Scott)
The Fascinator (James Scott)
Frog Legs Rag (James Scott)
Great Scott Rag (James Scott)
Hilarity Rag (James Scott)
Kansas City Rag (James Scott)
On the Pike (James Scott)
Ophelia Rag (James Scott)
The Princess Rag (James Scott)
The Ragtime Betty (James Scott)
Ragtime Oriole (James Scott)
A Summer Breeze (James Scott)
Sunburst Rag (James Scott)

All American Ragtime, Volume 2
- out of print
Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
2290 Eastman Avenue #110
Ventura, California 93003
805-339-2999 (phone)
805-339-2994 (fax)

Alabama Dream (George D. Barnard)
Blue Goose Rag (Raymond Birch)
Cabbage-Leaf Rag (Less Copeland)
Cum Bac Rag (Charles L. Johnson)
Dill Pickles (Charles L. Johnson)
Dixie Queen (Robert Hoffman)
The Entertainer's Rag (Jay Roberts)
Euphonic Sounds (Scott Joplin)
Fig Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
Grace and Beauty (James Scott)
Harmony Club Waltz (Scott Joplin)
I'm Alabama Bound (Robert Hoffman)
Jinx Rag (Lucian Porter Gibson)
Levee Revels (William Christopher O'Hare)
Lily Queen (Scott Joplin/Arthur Marshall)
Ma Ragtime Baby (Fred S. Stone)
Moonshine Rag (Edward Hudson)
Nappy Lee (Joe Jordan)
The Nonpareil (Scott Joplin)
Oh, You Devil Rag (Ford T. Dabney)
The Peach (Arthur Marshall)
Peaches and Cream (Percy Wenrich)
The Pippin (Arthur Marshall)
Poison Ivy Rag (Robert Ingraham)
Powder Rag (Raymond Birch)
A Rag Medley (Max Hoffman)
Razzazza Mazzazza (Arthur Pryor)
Rose Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)
Scott Joplin's New Rag (Scott Joplin)
Searchlight Rag (Scott Joplin)
Sleepy Sidney (Archie W. Scheu)
Slippery Elm Rag (Clarence Woods)
The Smiler (Percy Wenrich)
Spaghetti Rag (Lyons and Josco)
St. Louis Tickle ("Barney & Seymore") (actually by Theron C. Bennett?)
Stoptime Rag (Scott Joplin)
Sure Fire Rag (Henry Lodge)
Temptation Rag (Henry Lodge)
That Teasin' Rag (Joe Jordan)
The Thriller Rag (May Aufderheide)
Too Much Raspberry (Sydney K. Russell)
Wall Street Rag (Scott Joplin)
Wild Cherries Rag (Ted Snyder)

All American Ragtime, Volume 3
- out of print
Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
2290 Eastman Avenue #110
Ventura, California 93003
805-339-2999 (phone)
805-339-2994 (fax)

Agitation Rag (Robert Hampton)
Back to Life (Charles Hunter)
A Black Smoke (Charles L. Johnson)
Chatterbox Rag (George Botsford)
The Climber's Rag (Arthur Sizemore)
Country Club (Scott Joplin)
Dimples (L.E. Colburn)
Eatin' Time Rag (Irene Cozad)
Encore Rag (Tad Fischer)
The Frisco Rag (Harry Armstrong)
Glad Cat Rag (Will Nash)
Ham and ! (Arthur Marshall)
Harlem Rag (Tom Turpin)
Heliotrope Bouquet (Scott Joplin/Louis Chauvin)
Holy Moses Rag (C. Seymour)
Honey Rag (Egbert Van Alstyne)
Hot Chocolate Rag (Malvin Franklin/Arthur Lang)
Just Ask Me (Charles Hunter)
Kinklets (Arthur Marshall)
Kismet (Scott Joplin/Scott Hayden)
Leola (Scott Joplin)
The Lily Rag (Charles Thompson)
Magnetic Rag (Scott Joplin)
Majestic Rag (Ben Rawls/Royal Neel)
Mashed Potatoes (C.L. Woolsey)
Old Virginia Rag (Clyde Douglass)
On Easy Street (J. Reginald MacEachron)
Original Rags (Scott Joplin/arranged by Charles Daniels)
Paragon Rag (Scott Joplin)
Pleasant Moments (Scott Joplin)
The Queen Rag (Floyd Willis)
Red Peppers (Imogene Giles)
Silvers Eccentric Rag (Harry Cook)
Sweet Pickles(Theron C. Bennett (alias George E. Florence))
A Tennessee Tantalizer (Charles Hunter)
That Demon Rag (Russell Smith)
That Hand-Played Rag (David H. Silverman /Arthur R. Ward)
That Lovin' Rag (Victor H. Smalley/Bernard Adler)
That Scandalous Rag (Edwin F. Kendall)
Walkin' on the Rainbow Road (S.M. Roberts)
Whoa! Nellie! (George Gould)
Worlds Fair Rag (Harvey M. Babcock)

All American Ragtime, Volume 4
- out of print
Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
2290 Eastman Avenue #110
Ventura, California 93003
805-339-2999 (phone)
805-339-2994 (fax)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
Antoinette (Scott Joplin)
The Augustan Club Waltz (Scott Joplin)
Bethena (Scott Joplin)
Binks' Waltz (Scott Joplin)
The Black Cat Rag (Frank Wooster/Ethyl B. Smith)
Black Diamond Rag (Henry Lodge)
The "Bolo" Rag (Albert Gumble)
Bumble Bee Rag (Harry A. Tierney)
The Cactus Rag (Lucian Porter Gibson)
The Candy (Clarence Jones)
The Chrysanthemum (Scott Joplin)
A Dingy Slowdown (Robert Hoffman)
"Doc" Brown's Cake Walk (Charles L. Johnson)
Dogzigity Rag (Billie Taylor)
Fashion Rag (Charles Cohen)
The Favorite (Scott Joplin)
Felix Rag (H.H. McSkimming)
Funny Folks (W.C. Powell)
Golden Deer (Percy Wenrich)
Good Gravy Rag (Harry Belding)
Haunting Rag (Julius Lenzberg)
Horseshoe Rag (Julia Lee Neibergall)
HopScotch Rag (H.A. Fischler)
Ink Splotch Rag (Clifford Adams)
Keystone Rag (Willie Anderson)
The Memphis Blues (W.C. Handy)
Mississippi Rag (William H. Krell)
Quality Rag (James Scott)
Rag Baby Mine (George Botsford)
Rag-Bag (Harry Lincoln)
The Rag Pickers Rag (Robert J. O'Brien)
The Red Rose Rag (Percy Wenrich/Albert Gumble)
The Rosebud March (Scott Joplin)
Scrub-Rags (Arthur W. Mueller)
Silver Bell (Percy Wenrich)
Skeleton Rag (Percy Wenrich)
Solace (Scott Joplin)
Sour Grapes Rag (Will B. Morrison)
The Stinging Bee (Mike Bernard)
Sumthin' Doin' (F.H. Losey)
That's the Kind of Fellow that I Could Love (Percy Wenrich/Albert Gumble)
Trouble Rag (Morrison/Crabb)
Weeping Willow Rag (H.A. Fischer)

All American Ragtime, Volume 5
- out of print
Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
2290 Eastman Avenue #110
Ventura, California 93003
805-339-2999 (phone)
805-339-2994 (fax)

Apple Jack (Charles L. Johnson)
Bees-Wax Rag (Harry J. Lincoln)
Billikin Rag (E.J. Stark)
Castle House Rag (James Reese Europe)
The Chevy Chase (Eubie Blake)
Chili-Sauce (H.A. Fischler)
Cleopha (Scott Joplin)
Climax Rag (James Scott)
Combination March (Scott Joplin)
Cotton Time (Charles N. Daniels)
Crab Apples (Percy Wenrich)
Crimson Rambler Rag (Harry Austin Tierney)
The Crush Collision March (Scott Joplin)
The Darkey Todalo (Joe Jordan)
Dixie Blossoms (Percy Wenrich)
Fizz Water (Eubie Blake)
The Hot-House Rag (Julius Lenzberg)
I Got the Blues (A. Maggio)
The Junk Man Rag (Luckey Roberts)
Louisiana Rag (Leon Block)
March Majestic (Scott Joplin)
Medic Rag (C.L. Woolsey)
The Music Box Rag (Luckey Roberts)
One O' Them Things! (James Chapman/Leroy Smith)
Operatic Rag (Julius Lenzberg)
The Original Chicago Blues (James White)
Poison Rag (C.L. Woolsey)
Pork and Beans (Luckey Roberts)
Rags and Tatters (Edward Clark, Jr.)
Red Pepper Rag (Henry Lodge)
Reflection Rag (Scott Joplin)
Riverside Rag (Charles Cohen)
St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy)
The Sycamore (Scott Joplin)
Tanglefoot Rag (F.H. Losey)
Tickled to Death (Charles Hunter)
Too Much Mustard (Cecil Macklin)
Trombone Johnsen (E.J. Stark)
12th Street Rag (Euday L. Bowmann)
Yellow Dog Blues (W.C. Handy)

Authentic Ragtime
(compositions by Galen Wilkes)
Galen Wilkes
PO Box 2176
Van Nuys, California 91404

Ragtime Bluebird
Magnolia Rag
Mephistopheles' Two Step
Redwood Rag
Baltimore Rag
Sedalia Stomp
Boone County Rag
Last of the Ragtime Pioneers
Streets of Sedalia

Brun Campbell: The Music of "The Ragtime Kid"
(transcribed by Richard Egan, Jr.)
Richard Egan, Jr.
564 Woodlyn Crossing
Manchester, Missouri 63021

Barber Shop Rag
Blue Rag
Chestnut Street in the 90s
Essay in Ragtime
Frankie and Johnnie Rag
Ginger Snap Rag
Grandpa Stomps
Short Rag
Slow and Easy
Tent Show Rag
Campbell Cakewalk
Lulu White
Brun's Slow Drag
Salome's Slow Drag
Salome's Slow Drag No. 2
Twelfth Street Rag
Maple Leaf Rag
Rendevous Rag
Variations on a Theme by Joplin
Unnamed Strain
The Barrel House Rag

Cake Walks, Two Steps and Rags by Women Composers
(compiled and edited by Nora Hulse) - companion music folio to "Cake Walks" CD.
Nora Hulse
P.O. Box 7104
Columbia, Missouri 54205

Boardin' House Johnson, Cake Walk (Sadie Koninsky, 1899)
Phoebe Thompson's Cake Walk (Sadie Koninsky, 1899)
Ragamuffin, Rag Two Step (Verdi Karns, 1899)
Topsy Turvy, Two Step (Louise V. Gustin, 1899)
An Old Virginia Cake Walk (Louise V. Gustin, 1899)
Dance of the Collywobbles Cake Walk and Two Step (Anita Owen, 1899)
The Black Diamond, March And Two Step (Grace Marie Bolen, 1899)
Black Cinderella Cake Walk (Florence Wood, 1900)
Honey Bee, March Two Step (Mamie Williams, 1902)
Checkers, March And Two Step (N.M. (Nellie) Stokes, 1903)
Pike Pikers, A Rag (Ida G. Bierman, 1904)
Razzle Dazzle, Two Step (Alma Smith and Lilburn Kingsbury, 1905)
Keep A Shufflin', Ragtime Dance (Pauline B. Story, 1905)
Burning Rags, Two Step (Bess Rudisill, 1904)
The Gravel Rag (Charlotte Blake, 1908)
Frizzles, Two Step (Kate Myers Stith, 1907)
Mop Rag (Helen S. Eaton, 1909)
Holly And Mistletoe, Rag (Miss Geraldine Dobyns, 1909)
Tattered Melody Rag, March Characteristic (Hilda Ossusky, 1910)
Copper King Rag (Marguerite Ray, 1912)
That Irresistible Rag (Fay Parker, 1914)
Bale O'Cotton Rag (Mark Janza, 1914)
Some Pepp, Fox Trot (Alma M. Sanders, 1915)
Honky Dory, Novelty Piano Solo (Edith Althoff, 1922)

Cakewalks, Two-Steps and Trots for Solo Piano
Dover Publications, Inc.
31 East 2nd St.
Mineola, New York

Rastus on Parade
At a Georgia Camp Meeting
Blackville Society
A Breeze from Blackville
The Cake Walk in the Sky
A Coon Band Contest
Dusky Dues
A Rag-time Skedaddle
Smoky Mokes
Whistling Rufus
The Colored Major
Creole Belles
Limb'rin' Luke
Fluffy Ruffles
All the Money
Kerry Mills Rag Time Dance
The Grizzly Bear Rag
The Cubanola Glide
The Lobster Glide
Tres Moutarde (Too Much Mustard)
Ballin' the Jack
Carolina Fox Trot
The Carus Breeze
The Chevy Chase
Cruel Papa!
Doctor Brown
Fizz Water
Palm Beach
Trouville Canter
The Castle Doggy
The Kangaroo Hop
Rabbit's Foot
Shy and Sly

Classic Piano Rags
(81 piano rags selected by Rudi Blesh)
Dover Publications, Inc.
31 East 2nd Street
Mineola, NY 11501


Robert Hampton
Cataract Rag
Agitation Rag

Charles Hunter
Tickled to Death
Possum and Taters
A Tennessee Tantalizer
Cotton Bolls
Queen of Love
Back to Life

Scott Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag
Original Rags (arranged by Charles Daniels)
The Easy Winners
Peacherine Rag
A Breeze from Alabama
Elite Syncopations
The Entertainer
The Strenuous Life
Palm Leaf Rag
Weeping Willow
The Cascades
The Chrysanthemum
The Favorite
The Ragtime Dance
Pleasant Moments
Reflection Rag
Swipesy Cake Walk (with Arthur Marshall)
Sunflower Slow Drag (with Scott Hayden)
Something Doing (with Scott Hayden)
Heliotrope Bouquet (with Louis Chauvin)

Joe Jordan
Nappy Lee

Joseph Lamb
Sensation (arranged by Scott Joplin)
Ethiopia Rag
Excelsior Rag
Champagne Rag
American Beauty Rag
Ragtime Nightingale
Reindeer Rag
Patricia Rag
Bohemia Rag

Arthur Marshall
Ham and!
The Peach
The Pippin

Artie Matthews
Pastime Rag No. 1
Pastime Rag No. 2
Pastime Rag No. 3
Pastime Rag No. 4
Pastime Rag No. 5

James Scott
Frog Legs Rag
Kansas City Rag
Great Scott Rag
The Ragtime Betty
Sunburst Rag
Hilarity Rag
Ragtime Oriole
Evergreen Rag
Efficiency Rag
Paramount Rag
Rag Sentimental
New Era Rag
Peace and Plenty Rag
Troubador Rag
Modesty Rag
Don't Jazz Me Rag
Victory Rag
Broadway Rag

Charles Thompson
The Lily Rag

Tom Turpin
Harlem Rag
Bowery Buck
A Rag-Time Nightmare
The St. Louis Rag
The Buffalo Rag

Percy Wenrich
Ashy Africa
The Smiler

Clarence Woods
Slippery Elm Rag
Sleepy Hollow Rag

Cripple Creek - A Ragtime Suite for Piano
(compositions by Max Morath)
Cherry Lane Music Company
P.O. Box 430
Port Chester, New York, USA 10573

Doctor Jackpot
Old Mortality
Poverty Gulch
The Vindicator Rag
The Anchoria Leland
Imperial Rag

Eight Original Piano Solos
(compositions by Frank French)
Frank French

Belle of Louisville
New Oriental Darktown Strut
Oh Zez!
The Western Drouth
Tricky Licks

First Ladies of Hoosier Ragtime
American Ragtime Company
15522 Ricky Court
Grass Valley, California 95949

Dusty Rag
Wireless Rag
Buzzer Rag
The Thriller!
A Totally Different Rag
Blue Ribbon Rag
Novelty Rag
Hoosier Rag
Horseshoe Rag
Red Rambler Rag

Four Rags For Piano
(compositions by Tamás Ittzés)
Kecskemét Jazz Foundation
Available from
Tamás Ittzés
H-6044 Kecskemét, Hullám u. 14.
Tel./Fax: +36(76)472-438

Teke Rag (Roaming Rag)
Kakadu Rag (Cockatoo Rag)
Tom Turpin's Rag
Ed's Running Rag

Gems of Texas Ragtime
(compiled by Richard Zimmerman)
American Ragtime Company
15522 Ricky Court
Grass Valley, California 95949

Alamo Blues (P.L. Eubank)
Armadillo Rag (Clarence F. Brown)
Broncho Billy (Nell Wright Slaughter)
Bugs Rag (Nina B. Kohler)
Coffee Rag (Lily Coffee)
Colorado Blues (Euday L. Bowman)
Eleventh St. Rag (pub. version) (Euday L. Bowman)
Eleventh St. Rag (unpub. version) (Euday L. Bowman)
Ft. Worth Blues (Euday L. Bowman)
Fried Chicken Rag (Ella Hudson Day)
Graveyard Blues, The (Clarence Woods and John Caldwell)
Imperial Rag (Billy Talbot)
Kansas City Blues (Euday L. Bowman)
Majestic Rag (Ben Rawls and Royal Neel)
Motor Bus (Annie Houston)
Mutt and Jeff Rag (P.L. Eubank)
Niagara Rag (Laverne Hanshaw)
Nothing Doin' (Frances Willard Neal)
Petticoat Lane (Euday L. Bowman)
Ragged Terry (Margaret Agnew White)
Rats!!! (M. Kendree Miller)
Rattler Rag, The (Susie Wells)
Rosary Blues (Euday L. Bowman)
Shamrock Rag (Euday L. Bowman)
Sixth St. Rag (Euday L. Bowman)
Tenth St. Rag (Euday L. Bowman)
Texas Blues (Les Copeland)
Texas Fox Trot (David Guion)
Texas Rag (Callis Welborn Jackson)
That Gosh-Darned Two-Step Rag (M. Kendree Miller)
That Texas Rag (Nell Wright Watson)
Tipperary Blues (Euday L. Bowman)
Twelfth St. Rag (Euday L. Bowman)
Useless Blues (Marten & Le Blanc)
Wandering Blues (Enrique Smith)
Water Lily's Dream (Euday L. Bowman)

Glad Rags and Sad Rags
(compositions by William Ryden)
Squanlake Music Inc.
P.O. Box 1328
Jackson, New Jersey 08527
Year Published

Lake Nebo Rag
The 'Let 'em Eat Cake' ... Walk
September Strains
The Frisbee
Rag Triste
Jersey Rules
Irish Stew
Eubie Dubie Doo
Sadly, Sadly, Little Rag
A Timestop Rag

Grand Sonata in Rag
(compositions by William Albright)

Scott Joplin's Victory
Ragtime Turtledove
Behemoth Two-Step

Jean-Baptiste Lafrenière: Rags & Two-Steps
(compiled by Clément Plante)
Foundation Ragtime du Québec
Ordering Address
Mimi Blais
P.O. Box 222 / N.D.G.
Montréal (Québec) H4A 3P5
Year Published

Hip! Hip! Hourra! (1907)
Raggity-Rag (1907)
Silly‚ss (1907)
Balloon Rag (1911)
Taxi-Rag (1911)
John Chow Chow Rag (1912)

Library of Ragtime and Early Blues Piano
AMSCO Publications
Music Sales Corporation
257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 USA
Order number: AM 92877
(US) 0.8256.1458.9
(UK) 0.7119.4952.2


Cakewalks and Folk Rags
St. Louis Tickle (Theron C. Bennett)
Southern Rag Medley No. 2 (John W. 'Blind' Boone)
12th Street Rag (Euday Bowman)
A Tennessee Jubilee (Thomas Broady)
Cabbage Leaf Rag (Les Copeland)
Bunch o' Blackberries (Abe Holzmann)
Tickled to Death (Charles Hunter)
Doc Brown's Cake Walk (Charles L. Johnson)
Nappy Lee (Joe Jordan)
Eli Green's Cake Walk (Sadie Koninsky)
Razzazza Mazzazza (Arthur Pryor)
Pride of Bucktown (Robert S. Roberts)
Pickles and Peppers (Adaline Shepherd)
Harlem Rag (Tom Turpin)
A Ragtime Nightmare (Tom Turpin)
The Buffalo Rag (Tom Turpin)
Mashed Potatoes (Calvin Lee Woolsey)

Scott Joplin: Ragtime King
Maple Leaf Rag
Palm Leaf Rag
Peacherine Rag
The Easy Winners
The Entertainer
Elite Syncopations
Weeping Willow
The Ragtime Dance
The Nonpareil
Fig Leaf Rag
Pine Apple Rag
Euphonic Sounds
Scott Joplin's New Rag
Reflection Rag
Heliotrope Bouquet (w/Louis Chauvin)
Sunflower Slow Drag (w/Scott Hayden)
Something Doing (w/Scott Hayden)
Felicity Rag (w/Scott Hayden)
Kismet Rag (w/Scott Hayden)
Swipesy (w/Arthur Marshall)
Wall Street Rag

Classic Rags
The Thriller (May Aufderheide)
Cracked Ice Rag (George Cobb)
The Chevy Chase (Eubie Blake)
Fizz Water (Eubie Blake)
Sensation Rag (Joe Lamb)
Excelsior Rag (Joe Lamb)
American Beauty Rag (Joe Lamb)
Kinklets (Arthur Marshall)
The Pippin (Arthur Marshall)
Pasttime Rag No. 3 (Artie Matthews)
Hoosier Rag (Julia Lee Niebergall)
Pork and Beans (Luckyth Roberts)
The Music Box Rag (Luckyth Roberts)
Tiger Rag (D.J. La Rocca)
Great Scott Rag (James Scott)
Grace and Beauty (James Scott)
Sunburst Rag (James Scott)
Efficiency Rag (James Scott)
Rag Sentimental (James Scott)
New Era Rag (James Scott)
Peace and Plenty Rag (James Scott)
Troubadour Rag (James Scott)
The Lily Rag (Charles Thompson)
Slippery Elm Rag (Clarence Woods)

Blues Rags and Songs
Easy Rider (Shelton Brooks)
A Good Man is Hard to Find (Eddie Green)
Beale Street Blues (WC Handy)
The St. Louis Blues (WC Handy)
The Memphis Blues (WC Handy and George Norton)
Triangle Jazz Blues (Irwin Leclere)
Livery Stable Blues (Lee, Lopez, and Nunez)
I Got the Blues (A. Maggio)
All In Down and Out (Smith & Johnson, Elmer Bowman & RC McPherson)
Dallas Blues (Har A. Wand & Lloyd Garrett)
The Original Chicago Blues (James White)
I Ain't Got Nobody (Spencer Williams, Dave Peyton, & Roger Graham)

Ragtime Songs
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
Everybody's Doing It Now (Irving Berlin)
He's a Rag Picker (Irving Berlin)
The International Rag (Irving Berlin)
That Mysterious Rag (Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder)
Darktown Strutters' Ball (Shelton Brooks)
Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks)
At a Georgia Camp Meeting (Kerry Mills)
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (Lewis F. Muir)
That Junkman Rag (Luckyth Roberts, Chris Smith, & FE Mierisch)
Everything is Ragtime Now (Charley Straight & J. Brandon Walsh)

Nag, Nag, Nag
(compositions by George Bogatko)
Penumbra Music
14 Stanley Oval
Westfield, New Jersey 07090 USA

Nag, Nag, Nag - A Pianola Argument
A 4-hand transcription of the MIDI file of Nag, Nag, Nag

Nine Contemporary Rags
(compositions by Jack Rummel)
Diagonal Music
6490 Monarch Park Court
Niwot, CO 80503, USA

Columbine Rag
Fallen Arches
Don't Ask Me
Mim's Rag
Portrait of a Silver Lady
Mississippi Soul
Waiting for the Zenith
The Saturday Afternoon Rag
The West Texas Fiddler

Nine More Contemporary Rags
(compositions by Jack Rummel)
Diagonal Music
6490 Monarch Park Court
Niwot, CO 80503, USA

City Limits
A Tennessee Maple Leaf
Santa Fe Summer
Blues for Miss Piggy
La Graziosa
Down Under
A Quiet Snowfall
Niwot's Curse

Novarags, Suite No. 1
(compositions by John Novacek)
John Novacek

Cockles (piano solo)
4th Street Drag (piano solo)
Full Stride Ahead (piano solo)
Hog Wild (piano solo)
Intoxication (piano solo)
Intoxication (violin part)
Recuperation (piano solo)

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