Peter Andersson

Peter Andersson Peter Andersson was born on March 14, 1968 in Katrineholm, Sweden. He started to take piano lessons when he was 9 years old, but didn't have proper opportunity to exercise on a piano until he was 13. He studied natural sciences in gymnasium and went on to study church music for 2 years at the Institute of Sköndal in Stockholm. His musical guru has always been Ludwig van Beethoven.

In 1985 Peter heard one of his classmates play "Maple Leaf Rag". He borrowed Joshua Rifkin's ragtime folio from him, and learned how to play it. In 1986 he wrote his first ragtime composition called "Construction Rag". To date he has written 10 rags, all of them in a good, classic ragtime style. Yet, Peter's rags are not just pastiches of classic ragtime, he has definitely got a style of his own too. His music is polyphonic, harmonically rich and very melodious. He has attended the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia (1992 & 1998), and the International Dreher "Bohém" Ragtime & Jazz Festival in Hungary in 1996.

Peter works as church organist in the Stockholm area. His interests include chess, running marathon races, and singing in a choir (bass voice in Spånga choir).

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